A great carpet experience, starts with selecting the most suitable carpet for your specific needs, and then following a good carpet care programme from day one.

Use good quality walk-off mats at entrances, to reduce foot borne dirt and kitchen grease from being walked into the carpets.

· For best results, vacuum your carpet regularly – even daily in high traffic areas – and thoroughly to prevent soil from settling into the pile and to remove fibre shed.

· Ensure that the vacuum cleaner is on the carpet setting and that beaters or brushes are retracted to avoid damaging the pile.

· Remove marks and stains immediately to prevent the spillage from penetrating the fibre and becoming fixed – this can make the difference between a spill and a stain.

· Maintain heavy traffic routes with a quality carpet cleaning powder from time to time.

· While good day to day carpet care will keep your carpets clean for longer, do not delay having your carpets deep-cleaned by a reliable professional – generally once a year.

· Do not use any chemical process without first checking its safety or suitability, especially on natural fibres. If unsure about any carpet treatment, contact a professional

Remember that the care you give your carpet will reward you with the enduring pleasure only a well maintained carpet can provide.


The stuff of life: how to deal with them

Your Nouwens carpet is likely to encounter the odd mishap during its course of service to you. To ensure that it bounces back to its original beauty, here are a few basic pointers and a spot removal guide to help you.

Remove spills as soon as possible to avoid them penetrating the pile fibres, then follow spot removal procedures.

Blot up liquids with white tissue or a clean (white) absorbent cloth.

Scoop up solids with a spoon or blunt knife working inwards from the edge of the spill.

Spray or dab on the recommended treatment – rubbing or brushing can distort the pile.

Ensure that you remove all detergent residues after treatment as these could attract soiling.

Do not over wet or rush deep soiling. Allow the first clean to dry and vacuum the area before repeating.

Always exercise caution before applying any chemical, as many household chemicals are not suitable for carpets and wool content carpets need neutral / acidic pH cleaners.

Quality dry powder cleaners are usually safe and very effective for spots and general soiling.

Please follow directions, as some cleaning chemicals may be hazardous. If you are unsure, first test a treatment in an unobtrusive area.